Developing Your Global Mindset


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Global Mindset is the key to building deep understanding and partnerships across cultural, political, economic, and regulatory differences. We welcome you to our network of international bridge builders. You can join us at

This book will push the boundaries of your current global leadership skills to identify ways to successfully influence diverse others while working within the complex and fast-paced world of global business. It is a valuable development resource for individuals and teams who have global interactions and for those who coach and develop global leaders.

In consultation with managers, executives, and some very senior and experienced international executive coaches, we’ve put together a large series of development suggestions and resources for improving all elements of Global Mindset. You’ll find that all of these ideas are specific, actionable, and they don’t usually take much time to implement.  In addition to a rich variety of development suggestions at your fingertips, you’ll find engaging narratives throughout the book illustrating the various components of Global Mindset in action. The diverse international experiences of our contributing authors bring Global Mindset to life through these narratives as well as seven intriguing case studies located at the end of the book. The case studies will transport you into complex, real-world scenarios that cross geographic and cultural borders. The case studies may be used for individual development through self-reflection or in teams, where the discussions will no doubt be lively.